25 Bedroom Furniture for Your First Step into Minimalism

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Minimalism has been a go-to lifestyle choice nowadays. If you are looking to adopt this type of idea of living, then you better start from your own bedroom. As minimalism is defined as to maximize the potential of anything you have so that you won’t need to buy too many things, you can start with choosing the right bedroom furniture. So, how exactly do you do that?

Bedroom Furniture with Multiple FunctionsIf

you have limited space, you are going to love this bedroom furniture design idea. But, if your bedroom is spacious, this could create a sense that your bedroom is even bigger, neater as well as cleaner. The main tip is to choose furniture that has at least two benefits for your bedroom. Find a way how this bedroom furniture would contribute more to the beauty of your bedroom. 

A creative bunk bed with stairway for the upper bunk with drawers on beside
A fabulous big wooden cabinet beside the bed for bedroom furniture
A functional small drawers under the bed in the minimalist bedroom
A nice separate desks with big rack beside the bed in the bedroom
A perfect minimalist bedroom with multiple function wooden storage under the bed
A simple wooden divider that can used for racks in the small bedroom
A smart tiny bedroom with cottage to store books for minimalist style
An easy wooden rack to put plants for bedroom divider
An inspiring minimalist bedroom with wooden rack on the wall and hidden storage under the stair
Best wooden shelves on the bed for minimalist bedroom furniture

Make Use of the Mirror

For example, a mirror is a must have on any bedroom to keep you looking stylish before going anywhere. The idea is to stick your mirror to the wall so that it won’t take up as much space. Then, put it in a way that the mirror faces a little bit towards the window. In the morning, the mirror will reflect sunlight to the entire bedroom. 

A lovely square mirror with wooden frame in the small minimalist bedroom
A nice blue bedroom with a round mirror above the table and a plants in the pot
Beautiful bedroom mirror beside the bed can improve your bedroom decoration
Clean and fresh bedroom with white furniture and large mirror for minimalist style
stylish white bedroom with white bed and rectangular mirror to beautify your space
A simple minimalist bedroom with single bed and a round mirror on above
Best double mirror beside the bed to create elegant atmosphere in the bedroom

Shelves for More Storage

Let’s think about another way to incorporate this tip to your bedroom. Floating shelves! If you love to have books or decorations around, shelves can take up a huge amount of space. You can simply locate floating shelves on whichever sides of your bedroom wall. Other than saving a lot of space, more storage to the room is never a bad idea. 

A creative shelves under the bed and on above for bedroom storage
A creative white shelves at the corner for bedroom storage
A simple white shelves above the wooden cabinet to put shoes in the small bedroom
An easy bedroom storage with white shelves above the table for large bedroom
A functional wooden shelves storage to store books in the minimalist bedroom
A nice white bedroom with white bed and black shelves to put pictures and books
Best wall mounted shelves to store ornaments in the beautiful bedroom
An extraordinary grey shelves above the bed for bedroom storage

See how the right placement of bedroom furniture could give you so much? Whether you have a small or big bedroom, this way of thinking when it comes to decorating your bedroom will turn you into a minimalism goddess. So, are there any more bedroom furniture design ideas you can think of?

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