20+ Best Organizing Ideas for RV Makeovers

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If you can plan a number of these things beforehand, you might experience a smoother camping! Of course, camping is usually an activity by small groups who don’t need excessive space and prefer to travel light.  However, if you are travelling in a big group, an RV might be very helpful as you don’t need to make a tent. Don’t worry, below we will give you the best RV ideas for storage to give your RV makeovers it needed.

  • Closet Space Organizer

This is the ultimate invest you need to have in your RV in order to keep your clothes, accessories and shoes tidy and proper. Those traveling with families know the frustration when you try to put everyone’s clothes into a small RV closet. Even if you’re going alone or with someone, all the little storage and shelves can expand your storage. 

A creative hanging closet organizer to store shoes and clothes in the RV
A fabulous sliding hangers to hang pants in the RV closet space organizer
A perfect closet space organizer with wire drawers for RV storage
A simple closet space organizer with iron hangers for RV decoration
An easy shoes hangers in the small cabinet for RV space organizer
Best plastic boxes space organizer for RV closet decoration
An easy closet space organizer with black net to store shoes
An inspiration RV closet organization with white basket to store clothes
Best closet space organization with white boxes and shoes storage for RV
Clever RV storage with hangers and boxes for closet space organizer
  • Portable Night Stand

If you run out of space in your bedroom area, a collapsible caddy portable night stand will offer you extra room space and keep your to-go necessities near you at all time. Just slip the slide under a mattress, and your things would stay in place till you need it again. Nonetheless, if you are not using it, it fits perfectly into your luggage like the size of a laptop.

A creative under bed portable night stand for RV decoration
A simple bunk bed night stand to put a water in the RV bedroom
A small portable night stand beside the bed for small RV
An easy floating night stand for RV bedroom organization
A functional wooden portable night stand to put laptop for RV renovation
A small black portable night stand in the modern RV
An inspiration RV portable night stand for space saving in the bedroom
  • Cabinet Can

Don’t want to stare or smell your garbage all day? Just buy a cabinet garbage can to keep the garbage out of sight and mind. They are pretty small and cheap, thus making it the perfect RV idea for storage. All you got to do, is to hook and fit it inwards your cabinet door and the obnoxious odor will go away.

A creative hidden trash can in the kitchen cabinet for RV storage
A creative sliding storage in the cabinet to put trash can for RV
A functional under table drawer to store trash can for RV kitchen organization
A simple cabinet can with small trash can attached on the door cabinet
A simple double can in the small cabinet for RV organization
An easy under table drawer to hang trash can in the small RV
Best small wooden cabinet with trash can for RV storage
Perfect trash can holder in the wooden cabinet for RV decoration

We hope these RV makeovers solution will help you to create a comfortable living arrangement for your next memorable adventure!

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