5 Tips to Make Small Space Bathroom Look Bigger

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Some people may think that a small bathroom is just inconvenient. However, you can still deal with the small space of your bathroom and make it look bigger with few tricks through renovation small bathroom. Here are 5 tips to turn your small bathroom into a bigger look and cozy retreat.

1. Select Serene Colors

It is recommended to choose soft or pale color schemes to give the illusion of wide space. Besides, you can use the bright colors for towels and bathroom storages, and it is suggested to choose calm tones color like pastel or white. Also, using cool colors can give a calm and peaceful ambiance to your bathroom.

A best open space that combined white pain, white bathtub with granite sink in the bathroom to look big space
A clever small bathroom with white pain and glass shower curtain to make good looking for bigger look
A white bathroom with unique wall storage to store toiletries to save space in small bathroom
An amazing small bathroom with white theme to look bigger space from the previous

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A trending paint of the walls and ceiling same for small space bathroom to make your bathroom appear as large
A creative idea that blend the tile color and wall color for small space to create amazing for bathroom

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2. Brighten Up the Room

Another way to make your small bathroom look larger is by brightening up the room. It will take your bathroom into the airy and large ambiance. You can put a countertop lamp to add warmth. 

A cozy small bathroom with hanging lamps to make good lighting

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An elegant big window for natural light enter in the bathroom to make good lighting

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A lovely hanging oval lamps on the wooden wall for small bathroom to make good lighting
An adorable double rectangle mirror to brighten up the room to make it look spacious
An elegant small bathroom with large windows and same tone color decor to look bigger

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3. Don’t Clutter the Room with Small Accessories

Do you know? Cluttering your small room with small accessories will make the room feel even smaller. Choose one piece of art rather than of lots of small pieces. Also, you can use one decorative accessory instead of using lots of small ones. In other words, make your bathroom looks larger by eliminating excessive clutter.

A clever racks at the corner that made of metal and wooden material for small bathroom to make it look neat
A creative hanging iron to hang on storage plastic in the bathroom for small space you can try
A cute old picture frame in the small bathroom for storing toiletries to easy view
A smart hanging racks behind the cabinet door to store toiletries for save space
A unique glass jar on the table to store toiletries for small bathroom decor in 2019

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4. Expand the Ceiling

You can give the additional illusion of a raised ceiling by painting a lattice or molding design around the edge of the ceiling. You may add crown molding around the ceiling and paint it with the same color as the ceiling. Besides, you can add faux paint clouds or stars, using a light color and white.

A stunning match the color of your walls and ceiling in the small bathroom for bigger look
The best glass ceiling for bright lighting for bigger look in the small bathroom

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A cool small bathroom with white ceiling and rectangle window to utilize natural light to make it look bigger
A monochromatic small bathroom with bright ceiling and square windows for bigger look to enjoy your gorgeous look

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A neutral small bathroom with clean and white ceiling to create an open impression for bigger look

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5. Reflect the Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the bathroom storages that can reflect all the light in the room. If it’s possible, you can put a large mirror near the bathroom sink. Besides, arranging a collection of mirrors artistically around the large mirror will be a good idea to expand the space and light into the bathroom.

A gorgeous big mirror for small bathroom design to look bigger space
A stunning mirror bathroom cubicle for small space to make your bathroom appear twice as large
An awesome floating mirror in the bathroom to save space for decor inspiration

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A unique some round mirrors in the small bathroom to look bigger space
An amazing double rectangle mirror above the sink to make it look bigger and neat

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Those are the 5 tips to make your small space bathroom look larger. Don’t forget to pay attention to your bathroom lighting and its accessories. So, are you ready to decorate your small bathroom?

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