25 Minimalist Apartment Balcony Design Ideas On A Budget

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Minimalism is a lifestyle. Some people would rather live in a small apartment than a house. Some only have a number clothes enough to choose from. It really is a part of preference. However, being minimal takes skills. Most people can’t do it. For those who do, there are limited options that you get in terms of many things. Apartment design for example. Many apartment designs are for those with big open spaces. Usually ones with huge kitchen and a vast living room. Balcony is one of the best spots in a house. A great number of people like to spend their time on their balconies. Here we compiled some minimalist apartment balcony design ideas that you can do! Most of these are cost saving and efficient for those who prefer minimalism.

For a minimalist apartment, a small seating area might be your best bet. Gather your favorite furniture and place them in the corner of the balcony. Make sure the colors match perfectly. You can even add some lights and a candle holder for more romantic vibe! Another thing you can incorporate is a small living room with comfortable couches. Make sure that the height of the furniture don’t exceed the balcony fences. Otherwise, it might look kind of awkward! Planting flowers and other types of plants is also a good idea. Put them in vases and use them as decorations! Reading nook for your balcony would be a good idea if you’re a person who likes to read and spend time outside.

Colorful Pots To Plant Flowers, A Patterned Rug And Ceramic Floor In The Small Minimalist Balcony
An Incredible Small Seating Area, Wooden Floor, House Plants And Decorative Lighting For A Romantic Minimalist Balcony
An Enchanting Balcony Decoration With Black Chairs, A Glass Table, A Patterned Carpet And Light Decoration For Small Space
An Elegant Balcony Decoration Near The Sea With A White Sofa, A Concrete Bench, Wooden Floor And Lemon Trees
An Easy Minimalist Balcony Decoration With A Small Wooden Bed, A Round Wooden Table And A Cactus Plant Beside The Bed
An Awesome Minimalist Balcony With Rattan Chairs, Round Rattan Carpet, Wall Decoration And Candle Lights On The Table And Floor To Add Romantic Nuance
An Amazing White Seating Area With Wooden Floor, Decorative Lighting And House Plants In The Minimalist Balcony
A Wonderful Small Garden With House Plants And A Small Wooden To Decorate Your Minimalist Balcony
A Small Garden With Greenery To Create Fresh Atmosphere And Wooden Floor In The Minimalist Balcony
A Small Balcony With A White Bed, Decorative Lighting And Wooden Floor To Create Fresh Ambience
A Simple Minimalist Balcony In The Apartment With A White Sofa, A Small White Table And A Patterned Rug
A Romantic Decoration With A Set Dining Table, Decorative Lighting And Candle Lights On The Table For Minimalist Balcony
A Relaxed Seating Area With Perfect Lighting And Wooden Floor To Decorate Minimalist Apartment Balcony
A Perfect Lighting Design With A Chairs At The Corner And Wooden Floor In The Minimalist Balcony
A Monochrome Balcony Decoration With A Black Swing, Black And White Floor, Black And White Pots And Light Decoration For Small Space
A Lovely Small Garden Design With Greenery In The White Pots And Wooden Floor For Minimalist Apartment Balcony
A Fantastic Balcony Decoration With Perfect Lighting, A White Sofa, A Round Table And Black Chairs To Add Natural Atmosphere
A Fabulous Large Balcony With A Letter L Wooden Bench, Wooden Swings, Ceramic Floor And House Plants On The Wall For Minimalist Style
A Cute Balcony With Pink And White Cushions, A White Bed, Light Decorations And Pink Flowers For Small Space
A Creative Balcony Decoration With Christmas Ornaments, Decorative Lighting And White Furniture To Get Clean Atmosphere
A Comfy Apartment Balcony With A White Sofa, White Walls, Yellow Flowers In The White Pots And Decorative Lighting To Create Clean Nuance
A Comfortable Black And White Sofa With House Plants And A Patterned Rug For Apartment Balcony
A Beautiful Minimalist Balcony With A White Table, White Chairs, An Iron Rack To Put Plants, A White Footstool And A Unique Carpet On The Wooden Floor
A Beautiful Minimalist Balcony With A White Sofa At The Corner, Decorative Lighting And Blooming Flowers To Create Fresh Ambience
A Beautiful Balcony With House Plants To Create Fresh Ambience, Artificial Grass On The Floor And An Iron Fences For Minimalist Style

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